About Manisha UK

Manisha UK was established as a charity in the UK in 2010 with its trustees drawn from a variety of teaching, coaching, healthcare and charity backgrounds. Each of our trustees has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by the children, parents and teachers of the poor rural community schools we support in the Palpa and Gorkha districts of Nepal.

The charity aims to partner with individuals, charities, schools and other organisations who can help us achieve our objectives through our programme of support activities.

We focus our activities by adhering to Our Objectives and deliver those activities through Our Programmes of support. Each of our programmes has a set of goals that ensure we remain focussed on Meeting The Needs identified at each of our supported schools. Our success would not be possible without the continued support of the volunteers, charities, schools and educational organisations we are proud to call Our Partners.

At present, we are supporting 9 schools in Palpa district and 1 school in Gorkha district.

You can learn more about what we do, the way we do it and the organisations that help us, by clicking on the links above.

Support With Confidence ...

All trustees are honorary appointments and the charity has no premises or fixed overheads. Additionally, the management committee of Manisha UK ensure funds raised are focussed directly on helping the poor rural community schools in Nepal.

So, if you fund raise or donate to Manisha UK you can be assured that we keep our administration costs to an absolute minimum, meaning over 99% of all monies raised are spent on improving the lives of these poor rural communities.

Meet The Team ...

Below you can see the responsibilities of each trustee.
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Manisha UK TrusteePositionOther Responsibilities
Manisha UK TrusteePositionOther Responsibilities
Johnny Halls Chair Lead on BRANNGO 
Barbara Bond Secretary Training Programme (Education), Twin School Interface 
Andy Langman Treasurer Web Site 
Andy Bridges Trustee Gretton Primary Twin School Interface 
Dan WIchmann Trustee Nepal Interface, Communications, Project Manager, LRC Manager 
Sue Hearn Trustee Fund raising Programme 
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