Steve Sinnott Foundation

Our lead partner on Project Palpa and Project Gurkha ...

... is the Steve Sinnott Foundation (SSF). In addition to SSF's partnership with Manisha UK, SSF will utilise its further partnerships to the benefit of the Nepal schools under the umbrella of Manisha UK.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation aims for sustainability through developing Manisha UK’s links with other local organisations, unions and campaigns within Nepal. It is crucial to establish local ownership of education secured by the project and to embed it within the larger national context of Nepalese culture and politics.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation will link Manisha UK to Education International (EI) and its two affiliate teachers unions in Nepal

  • The Nepal National Teachers’ Association (NNTA), and
  • The Nepal Teachers’ Association (NTA). 
This will help Manisha UK develop productive links with the teaching profession in Nepal and explore common interests and objectives and the possibility of working together.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation will also link Manisha UK to the National Coalition Education Network in Nepal, which is campaigning for the achievement of ‘Education For All’ and the Millennium Development Goals for Education in the country.

3-Dimensional Approach To Sustainability ...

The Steve Sinnott Organisation, has pioneered a 3-dimensional model for school sustainability that not only delivers the capital and training investment required in the schools to make the one-off step change that will prepare them for delivering basic primary education but also forges relationships with UK based schools and restaurants to provide ongoing fund raising and cultural exchanges.

Partnering For Sustainable Schools ...

To help our schools achieve Sustainable School Status we need help and support from many people and organisations. Key amongst these are:

  • Organisations to partner with Manisha UK to secure the investment required to upgrade our supported schools to bring them up to a minimum standard conducive with delivering basic primary education.
  • UK schools to twin with our supported Nepalese schools and thereby provide pupils, parents and teachers in Nepal and the UK with two-way cultural exchanges, volunteer opportunities and teacher training programmes. 
  • UK Nepalese restaurants to twin with a Nepal school to provide greater awareness to the wider public, sustainable funding opportunities and potential contacts for transporting donated gifts from the UK to Nepal.

Our thanks to the Steve Sinnott Foundation for their thought leadership in the sustainable schools model