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School Infrastructure Projects

Project Approach ...

Project discipline, community engagement and the mobilisation of local labour are key factors in the successful and cost effective delivery of our projects in the rural communities of Nepal.

1. Project Palpa ...

This was our first major project. Beginning in 2011, this project delivered major building and facilities work at the following schools:

    • Pipaldanda - Complete rebuild of 3-storey school and facilities
    • Laharepipal - Major extension to existing school and facilities
    • Basantapur - Major extension to existing school building and facilities

Additionally, each school will benefit from the introduction of free school meals, uniforms and 2 extra teaching staff for the duration of the project.

Funding for this project was from the Teachers General Education Trust (TGET) and was secured for Manisha UK by the Steve Sinnott Foundation (SSF). On behalf of the children, parents and teachers of these schools, our sincere thanks goes to TGET and SSF for their most generous support. 

This project was completed in February 2015.

2. Project Gurkha ...

This project and focussed on renovating the existing Batase (Bhagwati) school building to meet the basic needs of primary education in the Gurkha district of Nepal. In particular the project delivered:

  • Replacement of an unsafe high level wooden walkway that connects 3 first floor classrooms
  • Replace rotten timber work in the ceilings of 3 ground floor classrooms
  • Renovate and plaster the walls of 6 classrooms
  • Screed the floors of 6 classrooms

This project began in April 2012 and was mainly sponsored by the Allan and Nesta Foundation, other funds provided by multiple donors.

This Project was completed in September 2013.

3. Project Gurkha Roof ...

Having completed project Gurkha, the following year's monsoon season tore the roof of the school block we had rennovated! The task was simple:

  • Replacement the entire roof of this 2-storey building

This project began in June 2014 and was mainly funded from Manisha UK reserves, other funds provided by multiple donors.

This Project was completed in October 2014.

4. Project Earthquake...

This project and was brought about by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in March 2015. In particular the project delivered:

  • Repair of 4 schools
  • Rebuild of 5 schools

This project began in September 2015 following a huge fundraising appeal and a most generous match funding scheme by the Ashworth Charitable Trust, other funds provided by multiple donors.

This Project was completed in 2017.

5. Project Libraries ...

With work ongoing on Project Earthquake, it became obvious that where schools had libraries, the books were old, or inappropriate for the age group being served. Several schools had no libraries at all. The project delivered:

  • 10 functioning libraries, including books, bookcases, carpet and shutters for windows

This project began in October 2016. We worked with the Room to Read charity to establish fully functioning libraries with age appropriate books in all 10 schools. Our UK twin schools and friends at BP in London, raised funds for this project. 

This Project was completed in February 2017.