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Manisha UK Programmes

In support of our 3 objectives we have 5 programmes of activity, each aimed at meeting the needs of the children, schools and communities that we support through specific goals for each programme:

  • Teacher Training: Introduce modern teaching methods to improve educational attainment in the Nepali curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.
    • Goal: Enable school leadership to empower teachers to ...
    • Goal: Improve their teaching potential in order to ...
    • Goal: Allow children to achieve their potential
    • Goal: Improving children's educational achievement
    • Goal: Teachers networking with other teachers (locally)
  • School Twinning: Improve children's sense of place in the world through enabling cultural exchange between Nepalese schools and UK schools.
    • Goal: School/community action on twinning
    • Goal: Build relationships with children in other countries
    • Goal: Teachers networking with other teachers (internationally)
  • School Improvement: Improve school buildings and facilities to a minimum level conducive to good education.
    • Goal: School buildings meet basic needs for education
    • Goal: School facilities meet basic needs for education
    • Goal: Physical dangers at school are identified and removed
  • Healthcare: Improve educational attainment by raising awareness of, and access to, basic healthcare and mid-day school meals. 
    • Goal: Understanding of how to care for the sick child
    • Goal: Provision of mid-day school meals
    • Goal: Access to basic medical assessment & care
  • Sustainability: Enable long term sustainability of school and community through innovative local wealth creating projects.
    • Goal: Removal of reliance on others for sustainability
    • Goal: School/community action on sustainability