School Twinning Programme

Our School Twinning Programme Vision ...

... is to twin each supported school with organisations that can assist in the development of cultural exchange programmes, volunteer placements and fundraising for the development, maintenance and running costs of the school.

Manisha UK is working with the Steve Sinnott Foundation ...

... to adopt the SSF sustainable school model for the schools under the umbrella of Manisha UK. 

Schools in the UK are invited to become partners with schools in Nepal so that teachers and children can learn from each other about their lives and their educational contexts. 

If your school is looking to twin or you want to learn more about twinning, Contact Us.

Manisha UK support for twinned schools ...

Once your school is formally twinned with one of our supported schools in Nepal, Manisha UK will support you with:

  • Fundraising ideas, presentations and promotional material
  • An on-line donation and automated Gift Aid claim capability dedicated to your school
  • Secure transfer of all funds to the target school
  • Volunteer programmes for teachers, parents and friends
  • Coordination of facilities improvement projects at the target school
  • Advice on non-monetary gift collections and parcel delivery to the target school

Schools Already Twinned ...

A full list of schools already twinned and the links to twinned schools' web sites can be found at Our Schools.