Everest Challenge 2017 - Details

Everest Challenge Arrangements - Saturday November 11th, 2017.


Essential to your well-being and enjoyment of the event will be having a race plan. If you're in a team, make sure you all know what the team plan is: how many turns each; in what order; what distance per turn; what to do if someone tires more quickly than planned; which side to mount and dismount. Practice your change-overs, especially fixing and releasing foot-straps. Wear light, comfortable sports clothing and trainers.

For your personal plan, make sure that within each turn you start at a comfortable pace and build towards the end. Avoid the infamous "crash & burn". In the same way, make your first turn your slowest and build through each turn, making the last your fastest.

 Getting There:

Address: Alcester Grammar School, Birmingham Rd., Alcester, B49 5ED.

The sports hall is to the left of the main school building. Parking for approximately 50 cars is available on campus, overflow parking is available on Birmingham road.


Please see the event timing below for your check-in time.

The check-in desk will be on your right as you enter the sports hall reception area.

You will be asked to confirm your name and you can pick up your complimentary water and tea & cake voucher.

After check-in and prior to briefing, you may use the gym to warm up.


Please see the event timing below for your briefing time.

At the briefing, the Race Marshal will brief you on the rules of the races, the start procedure and time recording procedure.

15 minutes before the race start time the Race Marshal will take you to your race lane. You should check your machine is operating in a proper and safe manner. You may adjust the drag factor to suit your rowing style and use the machines to complete your warm up.

Race Start:

Just before the race start, the Master of Ceremonies will instruct single rowers, or the first rowers in teams, to be seated on their machine and to set the monitor to a single distance race of 8,848 metres, instructions will be on your machine and a race assistant will be available to help. Do not commence rowing until instructed to do so by the Master of Ceremonies.

Line Up:

We have a really good mix of experienced, intermediate and novice rowers and, although there is undoubtedly a competitive element to anything called a race, the primary focus is on enjoyment and encouraging participation in the sport. The indoor rowing community is mutually supportive and fully understands the effort and commitment it takes to put your body through the pain barrier. So please don't worry if this is your first event, there will be plenty of support and advice for novices on the day from experienced competitors, so please don't be afraid to ask.

Race Times:


·        Check-in from 08:00,

·        Briefing 08:40,

·        Start 09:00


·        Check-in from 09:00,

·        Briefing 09:40,

·        Start 10:00

  Fours & Juniors:

·        Check-in from 10:00,

·        Briefing 10:40,

·        Start 11:00

  Awards: 12:00 - 12:30

After Your Race:

When you've completed the 8,848 metres, a race assistant will record your time. The team captain should check the recorded time. Race results will be announced at the awards ceremony.

The changing rooms and showers are at your disposal. Your complimentary tea/coffee and cake await you in reception.

Trustees of Manisha UK will be available to chat about our work, how you can help and how funds raised will be put to good use.

Administrative Items

·        If you opted to raise additional sponsorship, you can hand these in at the check-in desk.

·        Public liability insurance is in place via Event Insurance Services Ltd. The certificate will be on display.

·        A health and safety risk assessment has been undertaken and will be on display.

·        A first-aid kit and defibrillator will be available and instruction in case of medical emergency will be on display.

·        A photographer will be present throughout. Photographs will be available to download after the event and we may use some in publicity materials. Should you not wish your photograph to appear online or in print, please let us know.