Choose Your Own Everest Challenge

As part of its fundraising activities, Manisha UK is inviting schools to participate in the 2015 Everest Challenge. 

The 2015 Everest Challenge is a simple concept: Mount Everest is 8,848 metres high and the challenge to schools is to hold a sponsored event during which pupils, parents, teachers will complete a sponsored challenge. The challenge, to be chosen by the school, will be to “climb” Everest in a way appropriate to the age and capability of the participants. For example, one school may choose an 8,848 metre walk where all pupils walk that distance, another school may choose to hold a relay whereby 100 children run 88.48 metres each. 

To set an example, trustees of Manisha UK are joining with a local Grammar school to utilise the 9 rowing machines that school has, each sponsored participant in school teams will be rowing 8,848 metres.

The Background:

On April 25th, 2015, Nepal suffered the first of several devastating earthquakes. This earthquake caused terrible damage to buildings in towns and cities across the length and breadth of Nepal. In the following days and weeks, many aftershocks and a further major earthquake added greatly to the woes of the people in this, one of the world’s poorest countries. Over 7,000 people lost their lives. 

The Impact:

Manisha UK supports 10 schools in Nepal by helping the communities improve their education, healthcare and sustainability. One of the schools, in Gurkha District, was completely destroyed in the first earthquake. 8 other supported schools, in Palpa District, were damaged but largely functional. Unfortunately, the second earthquake caused more serious damage to these already weakened schools. Only 1 of our 10 supported schools, Pipaldanda School, remains undamaged. This is the school that Manisha UK has completely rebuilt over the past 4 years. It stands as testament to the effectiveness of modern building methods in earthquake zones. 

Getting children back into a normal school routine after such devastation and emotional trauma is essential to their long term well-being. The sooner we can help communities repair their schools, the sooner we can continue improving their children’s life chances through Manisha UK’s teacher training and volunteer programmes. 

Initial assessments show that in order to return our 10 supported schools to proper functionality, we need to assist the local communities with financial aid to the tune of £50,000 over the next 12 months. This figure is an estimate and subject to school surveys by structural engineers, which will be undertaken by the end of the monsoon season. This estimate also assumes that Manisha UK will be match funding each of the communities in their own efforts to re-establish functional schools through local community and government funding. 

Making the Most of Your Hard Work:

It is incredibly important that we make the most of any funds raised by being able to Gift Aid the proceeds and claim an extra 25% from the government. Manisha UK can only claim Gift Aid on the proceeds of events if sponsorship or donation details are properly recorded Please see the separate document entitled “Boost Your Fundraising” and the associated Everest Challenge donation and sponsorship forms, all of which can be downloaded from

The First Step on the Everest Challenge:

Please email to confirm your school’s intention to take up the challenge, what the challenge will be, any questions you have and any support or information you may need. 

Thank you for your support. The Trustees of Manisha UK