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2011-03 ~ Barbara

posted 25 Jul 2011, 06:02 by Andy Langman   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 01:26 by Manisha UK ]
As a recently retired teacher, Barbara had long since wished to begin her retirement with a memorable volunteer experience. She chose Manisha UK following recommendations from friends.

Although she had planned to travel alone, by coincidence she volunteered at the same time as Andy and Izzy for her first two weeks and also met up with Pavle, Fiona, Pauline and Terri as her extended placement went on.

Barbara had an immediate affinity with children wherever she went. Her extended stay also allowed her to observe, discuss and coach some of the Nepalese teachers in modern techniques for teaching and particularly, teaching English.

Following her placement, Barbara was asked to become a trustee of Manisha UK with particular responsibility for assisting volunteer teachers and for coordinating with twinned schools in the UK. She took this position up at the first AGM of Manisha UK in May 2011.

Barbara volunteered for eight weeks and worked in Pipaldanda, Jheksang, Bagnas, Bhalabas, Anghakola and Laharepipal schools.