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2013-01 Bhalebas (Bhagwati) TSC Update

posted 30 Sep 2012, 05:22 by Andy Langman   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 01:35 by Manisha UK ]
Our twinned school coordinator, Johnny Halls, has visited Bhalebas School. 

Although the school is not yet twinned with a UK school, it is next on thelist for a large primary or combined primary and secondary school in the UK..

The photos are available via the link on the school's profile page, click here

Follow Johnny's progress every week on his blog, click here

The following information from Johnny will be used to update the school's profile page:

The village name is actually Madan Pokhara

The objectives are the same but they have added an objective for more toilets, which is good as there are only two toilets for all the children. This means a lot of the children just use the fields at the side. 

Phone numbers are
974700122 – head teacher
9847043441 duputy head

Total pupils 235
Boys 129
Girls 106
Nursery 19
Year 1 15
Year 2 18
Year 3 18
Year 4 39
Year 5 42
Year 6 33
Year 7 37
Year 8 33

The support from MCWFN is 8 computers, I have heard from Mahendra that three are due to be delivered in the next 2 months, which I think they will be. However, I think it is very bad that they are still to be delivered considering it is a year since he said he had them.

There is a mothers group, but it has no involvement with the school.

Mobile phone signal is good.

Toilets are acceptable, but there are only two, so not suitable for the amount of children. 

The canteen owner’s name is Chura Bahadur Malla but they all call him Bijaya.
I really think that Bhalebas should be twinned, the teachers are very capable of doing it themselves and I know they are really keen to do it. They’re also the most forward thinking school in the school group, so would make a good role model for other schools.