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2013-01 ~ Mahachap TSC Update 22/12/12

posted 13 Jan 2013, 02:56 by Manisha Child Welfare Foundation Nepal ‎(UK)‎   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 01:36 by Manisha UK ]

Our Twinned Schools Coordinator, Johnny, sent this update through.

I kitted the school out with paper and stationery. The nursery has been given lego, foam building blocks, water and sand trays, balls and plastic letters. I’ve also left them blackboard paint to sort out the awful boards. 

Sports equipment is a big problem there due to the organisation of the yard, as if anything goes over the very small wall it would go miles down the steep hill. I left a few skipping ropes and will try to take more next time, they also asked for a volleyball and I mentioned it going over the edge but the children are really keen on the game, so I will take one. 

I did only manage a two day visit, as I was ill then the school was closed the next week. I did manage to do all the twinning work, though and still fit in time to do a little teaching with all the children. I have spoken to them about all the posters that they have in the staffroom and hopefully they should be in the classrooms on my next visit. 

It was too early to see any effect of the training we did; however, they were starting to rearrange the furniture to give the children more opportunity for conversation. 

All the children at the school take their own tiffin, so I don’t think funding would be needed to provide them with lunch.

As ever, all the latest pictures from this school can be found on the school profile page and Johnny's latest experiences can be seen on his blog