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2013-01 Twinned School Funds Transfer

posted 13 Jan 2013, 04:01 by Manisha Child Welfare Foundation Nepal ‎(UK)‎   [ updated 13 Jan 2013, 04:01 by Manisha UK ]
Clearly, some of the UK schools have been very busy over the past two years raising funds and, where two way twinning relationships and a suitable bank account existed, the funds have been welcomed and used wisely.

However, for other schools it is only now that the Nepal twinned schools realise why they might need a bank account. We are very pleased that, with our twinned schools coordinator Johnny Hall's help, we have been successful in encouraging them all to initiate a joint school and community bank account, usually jointly managed by the head teacher and the community group leader. 

By mid-February, all funds raised by UK schools will be with their intended Nepalese twin school and we will have news on how those funds will be used.

In case you didn't know, Manisha UK passes 100% of all the funds raised by UK schools direct to the bank account of the school intended. We are only sorry that it has taken so long to establish bank accounts at these schools but we are sure that you will appreciate that in a society that has so little, we have a duty of care to ensure the funds reach their intended community fully intact, even if that means a little delay. 

The funds transfer process is managed securely online via our HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank relationships. We do not make cash transactions since these leave no audit trail. 

Manisha UK pays all currency exchange, facility charges and transaction charges on behalf of the UK schools. 

Did you know that we could increase the amount raised by donations by 25% if you follow the gift aid rules, more details on our donations page.