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2013-03 ~ Okhaldungha TSC Update 31/03/13

posted 19 Jun 2013, 03:35 by Manisha Child Welfare Foundation Nepal ‎(UK)‎   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 01:36 by Manisha UK ]
I managed 5 days in Okahldhunga, however, due to travel that is only three teaching days. Even though Mahendra said my assistant would be a arriving Monday to travel in the jeep with me, it turned out to be one of the English teachers. Don’t get me wrong his English is fantastic and he is a really friendly guy, I just felt that he shouldn’t have had to cancel all of his lessons to help me all day. That should all be cleared up now that Mahendra is aware that Saran should be back. 

The two new classrooms are being using be the nursery class (which I convinced them into on my last visit) and a new pre-school class of 3-4 year olds. They plan to put the twinning money towards three new primary classrooms for year 1-3, which if you remember the photos from my last visit where in a bad state. I think they said the project should cost around £7000, so they are on the way now. I think they plan to do one room at a time so with some help from the village they will be able to get one built this year. 

They are great with the twinning here, I talked through the lesson with the English teacher and got him to take the class and I just added some comments when I felt he was kind of dictating what they should tell him, but that only happened once or twice. 

A lot of the teachers also can to watch me if I was teaching one of their classes, which I thought was good as it shows commitment to learn more, rather than just using me as a chance to rest while I take their classes. 

I didn’t take any sports equipment here was they already have a big volleyball court and there are a lot of children so sharing would have been an issue. I did take some teaching materials though, I gave them some pencils (coloured and normal), paper, plastic fruit and veg, some letter tiles, a preposition board game and some plastic Dinosaurs, as I knew they were really struggling with that topic. I also gave the nursery some musical instruments, plastic animals, building blocks and some foam balls.

They have been given the money – Rs 2,000, 1,600 for four days food and accommodation and 400 for the jeep. The jeep is run by the community and travels 3 times a day, 6 times a week to Tansen. It is a bit more squashed than a private jeep but far more cost effective.