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2014-06 ~ Pipaldanda Building Work Restarts

posted 5 Jul 2014, 07:36 by Manisha UK   [ updated 18 Jun 2015, 04:03 ]
After an 15 month delay, the work to complete the building project at Pipaldanda School has restarted.

Work on Pipaldanda School was halted in February 2013 when Manisha UK decided to part company with its Nepalese partner charity, MCWFN. Having re-established a stable relationship with our supported schools, this time direct but with the help of the local Manisha UK team, Manisha UK has agreed project responsibilities and accountabilities with the school and community leaders at each school.

At Pipaldanda, this means we can now press on with the next stage of the school rebuilding project, which is to put the roof on the third floor of the new building. The photo to the left shows the bamboo scaffolding in place to support the concreting that will be completed in this phase. 

Regular visitors to this site will realise that the new building is built into a hillside. Therefore, the first floor is actually below ground level in the uphill view shown above. In the slide show below you can see the downhill view of all 3 floors.