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2014-07 ~ Roof Stage Completed At Pipaldanda

posted 5 Jul 2014, 07:48 by Manisha UK   [ updated 18 Jun 2015, 04:04 ]
With monsoon clouds gathering, the community at Pipaldanda School came together to complete the rof of the third floor before the rains come down.

Time was short and although the paid workers had done really well to prepare the building in June ready for concreting the third floor roof, more help was needed. Manisha UK was asked if we could fund meals for the whole community to come together and engage over 100 workers in mixing, carrying, lifting and spreading the tons of concrete needed to cover the complete roof of the third floor. We were more than happy to fund this small reward for the hard work the community put in to get the roof completed and beat the approaching rain clouds. 

As usual, the whole process is manual and it took a huge effort to get the concrete mixed on the staff room roof and then lifted up to the third floor roof for spreading.

We are tremendously pleased and proud to see this flagship project back on track again. Well done to everyone in the Pipaldanda community and to Saran, our twinned school coordinator for his hard work to source materials and labourers to make this stage possible.

Work to complete the third floor classrooms and build a new toilet block can now commence as part of the next stages of the project.