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2014-09 ~ Building Progress At Pipaldanda

posted 12 Sep 2014, 02:11 by Manisha UK   [ updated 18 Jun 2015, 04:04 ]
The rainy season is almost over and work can now begin apace at Pipaldanda again.

Before the rainy season the community really came together to beat the weather and complete the roof on the 3rd floor of the new school. During the rainy season very little building was possible as the roads to the school were impassable. However, and with funding from the government, the school did manage to build two new, and very badly needed, toilets.

There is sufficient material on site to plaster two of the 3rd floor classrooms and the school is now preparing an estimate for the completion of plastering of the 3rd floor.

As can be seen from the pictures below, great progress has been made since the project started but there is still some way to go to complete a fully functioning and safe learning environment or the children of Pipaldanda. Our agreement with the community of Pipaldanda is that we will provide funds for well defined and properly estimated stages towards the completion of the school. In this way, we can be assured of best value for money and the community can be assured of our continued support in not only building the school but also in helping raise standards of teaching through the Manisha UK Teaching Programme.