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2015.01 ~ Pipaldanda School Furniture On Its Way!

posted 21 Jan 2015, 09:44 by Manisha UK   [ updated 18 Jun 2015, 04:06 ]

Things are certainly progressing at Nava Durga Primary School in Pipaldanda and the finishing touches are starting to be applied.

In the slideshow below, you can see the brand new school sign ready for delivery and you can also see a local carpenter making the furniture for the schools. The typical delivery service shown here is a long way from "white van man"!

This robust, wooden furniture includes comfortable benches and tables. 

As with many other schools in Nepal, tables are a new concept for Nava Durga and will enable the teachers to be far more creative in their lesson planning as they are putting into practice some of the new teaching techniques they have been learning on the Manisha UK Teacher Training days.

This project was funded via the Steve Sinnott Foundation with the backing of T-GET (Teachers General Education Trust). The project has been managed from the UK by Manisha UK and delivered by Manisha UK local resources who have coordinated local labour and materials suppliers over the duration of the project. The project is all the more amazing when it is realised that, apart from the lorries and tractors that delivered materials up the steep and rugged terrain surrounding the school, there has been no mechanical assistance available to the workers, everything has been dug, built and finished by hand. An outstanding achievement and testament to the building abilities of the local workers who have earned good rates of pay throughout the project.