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2012-09 Bagnas (Basanta) Twinning Update

posted 30 Sep 2012, 05:14 by Andy Langman   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 01:41 by Manisha UK ]
The whole school with Johnny and teachers
Our twinned school coordinator, Johnny Halls,  has visited Basanta School in Bagnas and held an education session with the teachers regarding their responsibilities in a twinned schools relationship and explaining the potential benefits to the pupils, teachers and community that might arise from the relationship once properly established and regularly contributed to.

The photos are available via the link on the school's profile page, click here.

Follow Johnny's progress every week on his blog, click here

The following information from Johnny will be used to update the school's profile page.

The twinning programme has started with year 4 and 5 and the twinning co-ordinator has yet to be decided. 

The sports equipment, the short term aid, is non-existent. They do seem to be well stocked with stationery though. 

The new toilet is still due to be connected to the water supply.
I have concerns here that the teaching is going much too fast for the children and that they are just fed answers, as the material I spotted on the blackboards was much more advanced that what the children knew. The teachers also gave them the answers to the questions I asked when I wasn't looking but I asked them to stop and they did. I will try to watch an English lesson next time I visit. 

There are now 7 teachers Archana Shrestha has now left. 

The pupil profile now stands at
Boys - 29
Girls - 23
Total - 52
Pre-school - 10
UKG - 7
Year 1 - 8
Year 2 - 6
Year 3 - 7
Year 4 - 7
Year 5 - 7
I have spoken to the school about setting up a bank account with a local bank such that funding can be delivered direct to the community.