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Basanta (Bagnash)

Shree Basanta Primary School

Basanta Primary School is situated 3 km in East from Tansen (Hilly Region).  

It was establish in 1987 and is authorised by the Nepal Government to run as a school from Nursery to class 5.

Mr.Ram lal Shrestha was the founder of this school. He contributed to this school from 1977 as he was interested in social activities. Ram Lal Shrestha is now a pharmacist and Public Health Officer in Tansen. 

It is located about an hour’s walk from Tansen along first a tarmacked road then a track. The school can be accessed from the track by a long flight of recently constructed steps.

The school runs classes Nursery up to 5. The original building consisted of 4 classrooms and a staffroom. Later a further building was added which has a library funded by ‘Room To Read’ and a small classroom.

Recently new toilets for staff and pupils were built funded by the founder and the community. They need to be fully connected to the water source.

Recently saved from closure after government review of local schools ( 2 nearby primary schools closed).

Objectives of the school

To provide education for local children who cannot afford to pay school fees for schools in Tansen.

Long term aim – to provide English medium education, to provide lunch for pupils 

Short term aim – to provide sports equipment for pupils e.g. badminton rackets, skipping ropes, hula hoops and balls

Community Background

  • Very poor. Subsistence farmers with some agricultural products sold in Tansen. There is a thriving village committee which actively supports the school.
  • Almost the whole Village is occupied by the Dalit community with their own language and culture including Janajati (Magar,Newar).
  • This community celebrates mainly Hindu festival Dashain, Tihar, Maghe Sankranti, Budha Jayanti and Saune Sankranti.
  • Magar Naach (A typical Magar Dance) is the main dance they only perform in Tihar, likewise Thulo Naach, Gaijatra, Lakhe Naach, Ropai Jatra (now decrease) are also celebrated.
  • Most of the people are engaged in construction (80%), agriculture (18%), service (2%).

Support For This School

  • Volunteer support for 2 separate weeks in 2011
  • Donations
  • Volunteer donations for stationery, sports equipment

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2013.06 Bagnas TSC

2013.03 Bagnas TSC

2011.11 Bagnas School Visit

2011.08 Bagnas School

Contact Details

Principal: Mr.Shiva Khamal
Village: Bagnash
VDC: Chappani-1
District: Palpa
Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available
Web Site: Not available 

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 2
  • Women: 4
  • Total: 6

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 17
  • Girls: 19
  • Total: 36

  • Pre-school: 6
  • UKG: 4
  • Year 1: 3
  • Year 2: 6
  • Year 3: 5
  • Year 4: 7
  • Year 5: 5
  • Year 6: -
  • Year 7: -
  • Year 8: -
  • Year 9: -
  • Year 10: -
  • Year 11: -
  • Year 12: -