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Bhagawati (Batase)

Shree Bhagawati Himalaya Higher Secondary School

Shree Bhagawati Himalaya Higher Secondary School was first established in 1958 as a primary school with the support of local guardians and social workers of Ghairung and Tanglichowk Village Development Committees.

The school was founded by permission of king Mahendra of Nepal and has grown steadily since then.

In its early years, only primary classes were conducted. In 1977, lower secondary classes were added and in 1984 it became a high school. Eventually, in 2008, the school was granted permission to conduct higher secondary education.

The school consists of 6 buildings housing 30 classrooms in total. The oldest building was built in 1990 and the newest was built in 2006.

The epicenter of the April 2015 Earthquake was less than 30 miles from the school. Some buildings were reduced to rubble, and all but two classrooms have been condemned. Manisha UK, with huge support from our twin schools, is assisting with the construction of 4 new classrooms. 

The village of Batase suffered huge damage during the earthquakes and many villagers have spent a long time living in poor quality temporary shelters. Local infrastructure has been severely effected, and the local economy may never recover as skilled villagers leave for cities or to seek work abroad. 

Support For This School

  • 2010 - Teacher funding
  • 2011 - Project Gurkha (SSF/Manisha UK)
  • 2011 - General funding (Guston Primary School)
  • 2016 - Agreement to provide approximately 80% funding for 4 new classrooms, following the 2015 earthquakes. 

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2014.04 Batase NQT

2013.01 Batase TSC

2012.12 Batase TSC

2012.04 Batase School Visit

2012.02 Batase School Building

2012.01 Batase Building Dedication

2010.12 Batase School

Contact Details

Principal: Khun Prasad Regmi
Village: Batase
VDC: Ghairung-2
District: Gorkha
Country: Nepal

E-mail: via Facebook
Telephone: +9779746019148
Web Site: Not available 
Facebook: Yes

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 16
  • Women: 9
  • Total: 25

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 194
  • Girls: 247
  • Total: 441
  • Pre-school: 17
  • Year 1: 7
  • Year 2: 8
  • Year 3: 9
  • Year 4: 15
  • Year 5: 17
  • Year 6: 62
  • Year 7: 42
  • Year 8: 45
  • Year 9: 56
  • Year 10: 44
  • Year 11: 68
  • Year 12: 51