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Bhagawati (Chhap)

Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School

Full name Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School. By vehicle (jeep) 30 minutes from Tansen. 

Named after the god Bhagwati. Established 2017  BS   -   1960, by Krishna Bahadur Darlami, who was a teacher, and the support of the village committee. Became a government school in 1975.

The school catchment area is Madan Pokhara 4 and 3. The school is a 30 minute uphill walk form the main road, the furthest walk for students is one hour.

The village stretches across a plateau.

Very well managed and forward thinking school.

Objectives of the school

To teach the children of Dalit and other ethnic groups. 

PLAN: - to have computer room, part of new two storey building. To establish a community office on the second floor. (The computer room is well established and being used by students).

Build new rooms for science labs.

Community Background

  • Part subsistence farming – milk and produce sold in Tansen and Bhutwal.
  • Three very small community shops and a canteen.
  • Very active school and village committees, also mothers group.

Support For This School

  • UK volunteer placements and donations
  • Teacher training
  • Whiteboard and carpet
  • Laptops for computer lab
  • Furniture for classes 6, 7 and 8

Schools Twinned With This School

  • St. Paul's Primary School

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2013.05 Bhalebas TSC

2012.12 Bhalebas TSC

2011.11 Bhalebas School Visit

2011.11 Bhalebas Anniversary

2010.08 Bhalebas

Contact Details

Principal:Prakash Bhattarai
Village: Chhap
VDC: Madanpokhara-4
District: Palpa
Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available

Web Site: Not available 

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 5
  • Women: 9
  • Total: 14

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 113
  • Girls: 81
  • Total: 194

  • Pre-school: 20
  • Year 1: 14
  • Year 2: 15
  • Year 3: 13
  • Year 4: 26
  • Year 5: 28
  • Year 6: 22
  • Year 7: 33
  • Year 8: 23
  • Year 9: -
  • Year 10: -
  • Year 11: -
  • Year 12: -