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Gyanodaya (Okhaldhunga)

Gyanodaya Secondary School

Gyanodaya secondary school is situated in Kachal Village Development Committee, Ward number 2, Okhaldunga. This school is named after education of light to Okhaldunga. Mr Kokal Singh Bagale, Kesher Singh Nepali, Mulung Singh Gharti Magar and all the villagers in 2027 B.S. above person are famous social worker and other villagers advised to establish this school with the help of villagers in 2031 B.S. 

Nepal government approved as a public school in 2058 B.S. and it was registered as a community school in 2063 B.S. 

Kachal Village Development Committee ward number 2 Okhaldunga and other neighbouring village communities benefit from this school. 

This school runs Nursery up to class 10.

Objectives Of The School

The school motto is: To educate remote people up to secondary level without their investment.

Investment objectives: To reconstruct the buildings and compound.

Community Background

  • Community background awaited

Support For This School

  • Minor improvements
  • Teacher training
  • Teaching resources
  • Whiteboards 
  • Agreement reached to provide approximately 70% of funds needed to build a new classroom / library

Schools Twinned With This School

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2014.04 Okhaldunga NQT

2013.03 Okhaldunga TSC

2012.11 Okhaldunga TSC

2011.07 Okhaldunga School

2011.05 Okhaldunga School Building

Contact Details

Principal: R Bahadur Lamtari
Village: Okhaldunga
VDC: Kachal-2
District: Palpa
Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available
Web Site: Not available 

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 12
  • Women: 4
  • Total: 16

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 134
  • Girls: 114
  • Total: 248

  • Pre-school: 13
  • Year 1: 12
  • Year 2: 17
  • Year 3: 16
  • Year 4: 19
  • Year 5: 21
  • Year 6: 52
  • Year 7: 33
  • Year 8: 33
  • Year 9: 21
  • Year 10: 11
  • Year 11: -
  • Year 12: -