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Amrit (Agahakhola)

Shree Amrit Public Higher Secondary School

This school is situated in Pipaldanda Village District Council, Ward Number 3, Anghakola in the Palpa district of Nepal.

Teacher reading with class 3

The school is named Amrit, which in Sanskrit language means "all of the best".

Mr Kedhar Nath Khanal was a famous social worker and agressive person who advised that this school be established with the help of villagers in 2019 B.S. and was registered as a community school in 2023 B.S.

Objectives Of The School

The school motto is: To educate remote people up to secondary level without their investment.

Investment objectives: To reconstruct the buildings, compound and playground; to provide water and furniture

Community Background

  • Almost 90% of the village is occupied by Magar community with their own Magari language and culture. The remaining 10% of people are Keshetri, Brahamen and Dalit.
  • The community celebrates mainly Hindi festivals of Dashain, Tihar, Rachha Bandhan, Teej, Krishna, Asthami, Holi Purnima, Buddha Jayanti, Maghe Sankranti and Saame Sankranti, Chaite Dashain.
  • Magar community have typical Mager dances such as Thulo Naach, Jhamre. Thulo Naach is only performed during Tihar. Other community entertainment includes other dances and Nepali folk songs.
  • All households are fully dependent on traditional agricultural activities for generating any income.
  • Most people are uneducated and in a very poor economic condition.

Support For This School

  • Water tank installed
  • Playground sculpted and leveled 
  • Classrooms re-plastered, painted, walls repaired, skylights installed
  • Agreement made for support in building 2 new classrooms to replace rooms damaged during the 2015 earthquake

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2014.04 Anghakola NQT

2013.06 Aghakhola

2012.11 Anghakhola TSC

2012.04 Anghakhola School Visit

2012.03 Kings Lynn Fundraising

2011.11 Anghakhola School Visit

2011.09 Anghakhola School

2011.04 Anghakhola School Visit

2011.07 Anghakhola School

Contact Details

Principal: Mr R. Khanal
Village: Agahakhola
VDC: Pipaldanda-3
District: Palpa
Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available
Web Site: Facebook Page

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 15
  • Women: 4
  • Total: 19

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 187
  • Girls: 195
  • Total: 382

  • Pre-school: 25
  • Kindergarten: 13
  • Year 1: 12
  • Year 2: 16
  • Year 3: 24
  • Year 4: 21
  • Year 5: 25
  • Year 6: 35
  • Year 7: 24
  • Year 8: 29
  • Year 9: 55
  • Year 10: 50
  • Year 11: 28
  • Year 12: 25