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Nava Durga (Ramche)

Shree Nava Durga Primary School

In Pipaldanda VDC (Village Development Committee)

Very difficult physical terrain, half an hour jeep ride from the main road along a very rutted track.

Objectives of the school

To add a class 6.

To improve recruitment and enroll more children. 

Community Background

  • The school is central to the village but the village is stretched along the hillside. There is a also a village community hall (which is underused), a village committee and a Mothers group closely linked to the school.

Support For This School

  • Minor improvements up to 2009
  • Rebuilding of wall washed away in monsoons
  • Major funding from Manisha UK & SSF for school rebuild, completed in 2015
  • Whiteboards and other teaching resources
  • Many volunteer placements
  • Medical talks and checks, teaching and teacher training from UK volunteer

Schools Twinned With This School

  • Whitehall Infants School

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2013.03 Pipaldanda TSC

2012.11 Pipaldanda TSC

2012.04 Pipaldanda School Visit

2012.01 Pipaldanda School Building

2011.11 Pipaldanda School Building

2011.11 Pipaldanda School Visit

2011.05 Pipaldanda School Building

2011.03 Pipaldanda School Building

2011.03 Pipaldanda School Visit

2011.01 Pipaldanda School Clearance

2010.12 Pipaldanda School Footings

2010.11 Pipaldanda School Meals

2010.08 Pipaldanda

2009.10 Pipaldanda School Visit

Contact Details

Principal: Tulsa Paudel
Village: Ramche
VDC: Pipaldanda-6
District: Palpa
Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available
Web Site: Not available 

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 1
  • Women: 5
  • Total: 7

Pupil Profile 

  • Boys: 34
  • Girls: 27
  • Total: 61

  • Pre-school: 0
  • Year 1: 20
  • Year 2: 6
  • Year 3: 8
  • Year 4: 12
  • Year 5: 15
  • Year 6: 
  • Year 7: 
  • Year 8: 
  • Year 9: 
  • Year 10: 
  • Year 11: 
  • Year 12: