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Manisha UK currently offers two types of volunteer placement:

  • Volunteer funded short and medium term placements (2 to 8 weeks) for subject matter experts in support of our Education, Healthcare and Sustainability objectives.
  • Grant assisted Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) long term placements (6 to 9 months) in support of our Teacher Training and School Twinning goals.

In both cases it is a condition of acceptance of your application that you fund-raise a minimum of £250 to help pay for your in-country support whilst you are on your placement. We can offer lots of advice on Fundraising and may be able to assist at any event you choose to run.

We do not charge for, or make a profit from, your placement. Once we have agreed your itinerary, we will advise you on all aspects of booking and paying for your travel, accommodation and food throughout the duration of your placement. We find this approach minimises our administration costs and offers the volunteer the best value for money.

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Before completing the application form you should read our Volunteer FAQs and Terms & Conditions to set your expectations of what a placement entails. Once you've applied, you'll get further advice and guidance on how to make the most of your placement .

Our placements are different to many other volunteering opportunities. We focus on quality, not quantity. For us, "doing good" is only part of the story, "doing no harm" completes our ethos. This ethos manifests itself from initial volunteer selection, through careful placement of appropriate volunteer skills in the current areas of most need. We also ensure our volunteers are not only aware of the positive impact their placement may have in the rural communities in which they serve, but also that they are aware of the potential for negative impact that could be brought about through lack of awareness of cultural differences or insensitivity to local behaviours and customs.

At all times, we encourage our volunteers to remember that the experience of volunteering is two-way. Yes, we have much to offer these rural schools and communities, but equally, we have much to learn in the realms of community cohesion from these financially poor but spiritually rich people.

Throughout your placement you will have a small support team with you to assist with any issues that may arise and to help out in those occasional awkward moments when sign language just doesn't work!

Many people find volunteering to be a life changing experience, we hope yours is too!

Thank you for your interest!