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Manisha UK Fundraising ...

Manisha UK is a not-for-profit charity, being run entirely by volunteers and focussed on supporting establishing Sustainable Schools in rural communities of Nepal. In order to reach this goal it’s vital we continue to fund raise so that we can create a better future for the children of Nepal.

Without the amazing generosity from people like you we simply would not be able to continue our life changing work. Manisha UK receives no government funding, so we’re incredibly grateful to our fundraisers for their efforts and energy. Your decision to get involved is truly a great one. So thank you!

To ensure as much money as possible does directly to the cause, we encourage volunteers to fund the costs of their placements themselves. We do not wish for any sponsorship or donation from members of the public to be used cover travel costs or placement expenses. 

Additionally, we do not we do not wish individual children to be sponsored by our volunteers or for our volunteers to encourage other people to sponsor individual children. We would much rather that any sponsorship or donation of this kind is directed to the charity such that it can be used to the benefit of the wider rural communities in Nepal and thereby help establish a sustainable school that will benefit the many rather than the individual.

How To Start Fundraising ...

Sometimes, the hardest part of fundraising is knowing where to start or, quite simply, having the initial idea of what you would like to do.

To help you out, we've created a Fundraising Pack at the bottom of this page that you can download for free.

In this pack you’ll find lots of help and advice to get your fundraising started. 

The pack includes:

  • Idea’s to inspire your fundraising (both sponsorship and non-sponsorship based)
  • A sponsorship form
  • Sponsorship hints and tips
  • Tips for organising an event or activity
  • An explanation of where the money you raise might go

Thank you so much for your support, please download the pack now and get started!

Make Fundraising Easier ...

Once you've decided what to do you can make use of the Virgin Money Giving site to publicise and collect donations online. Using Virgin Money Giving will ensure that Gift Aid is added to all donations, increasing your fund raising by 25%.
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