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Sample Itinerary

You've worked hard to afford your volunteer experience ...

So, take your time to discuss with previous volunteers and Manisha UK representatives what you specifically want to get out of your time in Nepal. Your itinerary can be tailored in many ways to match the interests and budget of the volunteer and the current needs of the schools.

If you have a desire to work in a particular region, for example, if you would like to be in that region for some trekking, then make that known to the Manisha UK team when you start discussing your detailed itinerary.

Minimum Duration ...

Due to the challenges of travel in Nepal and the requirement to to spend at least 7 days volunteer activities in schools, 14 days should be considered the absolute minimum duration of a placement. Should a trek be required then add on the required trek duration to the basic placement. Treks last 4 days or more and can be tailored to your experience and/or fitness level.

The basic formula for an itinerary ...

  • Arrive in Kathmandu, acclimatise and recover from the journey in a hotel or guest house
  • See a little of Kathmandu, shop for essential school supplies, travel by 4 x 4 to placement location
  • Spend a minimum of 7 days in one or more rural schools for a variety of educational and cultural exchanges
  • Option to trek in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas, other eco-tourism options are available on request
  • Return to Kathmandu, gift shop in the many cooperatives that help supplement Nepalese life and prepare for travel home

Each of the components can be varied in content or duration to suit your particular interests.