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Terms & Conditions

This Agreement ...

We want your volunteering experience to be smooth and trouble free. That all starts by getting a clear understanding of the application process and who is responsible for what.

In this document, the following words shall have the following meanings:

  • “You” and “your” mean the person applying for a volunteer placement.
  • “We”, “us”, “our” mean Manisha UK, a not-for-profit charity registered in England and Wales, number 1137569.
By confirming that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions and by submitting the on-line application form, you agree to be bound by them.

If you are uncertain about any of these Terms and Conditions, or you would like an explanation of any part of them, please contact us.

Application Process

You are required to submit a fully completed on-line application form. 

We will conduct a provisional application assessment and arrange an initial telephone interview at a mutually convenient time and date. 

You may be required to attend a face to face interview with us at a mutually convenient time, date and location.

Provisional Acceptance 

We will confirm your provisional acceptance on the Manisha UK volunteer programme or inform you of the reasons for not accepting your application. 

We will agree provisional arrival and departure details with you. 

Full Acceptance 

Full acceptance of your application is subject to you raising a minimum of £250 funds to be paid to Manisha UK no later than 3 months prior to your approved departure date

We will confirm your full acceptance on the Manisha UK volunteer placement following receipt of your fundraising proceeds.

Travel Planning 

Manisha UK will work with you to establish the exact dates of your placement following receipt of your donation.

You are required to book and pay for your return travel to Kathmandu and confirm arrival and departure details to Manisha UK no later than 2 months prior to your departure. 

Itinerary Planning 

Manisha UK will work with you to customise your itinerary and establish the cost of your placement, inclusive of all activities agreed to be included in the itinerary.

Travel To Nepal

You will travel to Kathmandu, planning to arrive on the agreed date and time or inform Manisha UK of any variation to the agreed date and time of travel. 


Manisha UK representatives will meet you at Kathmandu airport and transfer you to the agreed Kathmandu accommodation for the start of your agreed itinerary. 

Manisha UK representatives will deliver the placement to the agreed itinerary or agree acceptable variations to the agreed itinerary made necessary by factors outside of your and their control. It is a condition of your booking that you are prepared to be flexible in relation to your placement, its location and the activities you are asked to undertake. 

Manisha UK representatives will transfer you from your agreed Kathmandu accommodation to Kathmandu airport in time for your departure on the agreed date.


Unless agreed in writing prior to the commencement of the placement, the itinerary for the placement shall commence with pick-up from Kathmandu airport and end with drop-off at Kathmandu airport at the previously agreed date and times. 

Right Of Refusal To Proceed 

We retain the right of refusal to proceed with your application if, in our opinion, the information you provide or the references received from your nominated referees lead us to believe that you will be unsuitable or unable to complete the placement. 

We retain the right of refusal to proceed with your application if you are a UK citizen and are unable to provide a current CRB certificate. 

You have the right of refusal to proceed with your application if you are not happy with the placement offered and a suitable alternative cannot be offered or if circumstances beyond your control prevent you from commencing your placement. 


We will not refund or otherwise be responsible for any flight, travel or other expenses you may incur. This includes, for example, costs of travelling to/from your local airport and costs incurred if your flight is delayed, cancelled or missed for whatever reason. 

Medical Precautions 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully prepared, fit and able to travel and complete the agreed itinerary. (See FAQ page for more detail)


Manisha UK representatives arrange accommodation during the placement period. In Kathmandu the accommodation will be to the standard agreed in the itinerary. At other times of the placement your accommodation and sleeping arrangements will be basic and may be shared with your fellow volunteers and/or your host family. 

Bathroom & Toilet Facilities 

In most cases you will be required to share bathroom and toilet facilities with your fellow volunteers and/or your host family and/or the local community. It is important for you to realise that throughout the placement the bathroom and toilet facilities and standards of hygiene will be to local standards. You should expect these facilities and standards to be very basic and you must be prepared to cope with this. 


Manisha UK representatives will provide transportation throughout the period of placement and to the agreed itinerary. The vehicles utilised will be buses, taxis and 4x4 type vehicles, usually without air conditioning. The terrain over which you will travel is likely to be rough once outside of large communities. The villages in which you will be placed are in rural Nepal and may be up to 12 hours travel time from Kathmandu. Dependent on time of year, the climate may be hot and humid. 

You should be prepared to cope with the type, duration and environmental conditions of travel that such journeys will entail. 


Manisha UK representatives or your local host family will provide food throughout the placement. You should receive at least two meals a day, which will be of a suitable quality or quantity by local standards usually Dahl–Bhat (lentil soup & rice), vegetable curry, pickle etc. Should you wish to supplement your diet with other foods, you are responsible for provision and cost of these. 

Most of the time you will be staying with a host family and will share food with them. Should you have any health condition or special dietary requirements you should let us know before your arrival in Nepal. 

Variations To Agreed Itinerary 

Manisha UK representatives will only cover transportation, food and accommodation for the content and period of your agreed itinerary. 

Should you arrive prior to the agreed date of arrival or depart after the agreed date of departure, you will be responsible for all transportation, accommodation and food outside the period of the agreed itinerary. 

Should you decide to end your placement early we will not refund any money and you will be responsible for any additional accommodation, food and transportation costs incurred. 

Other Expenses 

You are responsible for all of your personal expenses during your placement, which includes drinks, entertainment and the cost of transport from your placement to other activities not included in your itinerary. 

You will cover your departure transportation and tax (currently, 1750 NPR) and you will be responsible for passport, VISA and VISA extension costs should you require these. 

Payment & Employment

As a volunteer, you agree that you will not request any payment from Manisha UK, schools, families or anyone else involved in your placement. 


You are responsible for arranging your travel and medical insurance cover for the period of your placement; you are responsible for ensuring that the amount and type of cover is sufficient and appropriate for the nature and location of your placement. (See FAQ web page for more detail). Normal travel insurance does not cover voluntary work or trekking above 2000 metres.

We would suggest that you purchase insurance that covers at least the following:  medical expenses, medical evacuations, injuries, and trip cancellation or interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, death in the family, inclement weather, strikes, political unrest, and acts of God.  If you are planning on trekking during your placement, please ensure that the travel insurance covers trekking in high altitudes, including helicopter evacuations in the event of altitude mountain sickness or other medical emergencies.

You must provide us with a copy of your certificate of insurance as soon as possible and let us know of any restrictions on your activities that the insurance policy makes. 

Problems During Placement 

You are responsible for trying to sort out any problems that may arise during your placement. However, in the event that you experience any difficulties, Manisha UK representatives will be available and will do their best to assist you. They may also be able to provide practical help should you need to return to your country of origin before completion of your placement as a result of illness or other personal reason (although you are financially responsible for the costs of this, either under your insurance policy or otherwise). 

During your visit you will be assigned to at least one Manisha UK representative in Nepal. These charity volunteers will travel with you, take you to guest houses, take you on sightseeing trips and accompany you to the schools. They will stay with you during your entire trip and stay in a nearby room during the school visits.

Manisha UK representatives will take all reasonable steps to arrange a safe placement with a consistent level of work throughout. However, you are responsible for taking every day common sense steps, as would any independent traveller, to protect your health and safety on a day to day basis and we cannot guarantee your level and type of activities and ask that you remain flexible to any changing needs of your placement. 

Your Obligations 

You must comply with any reasonable request by your support team. This may involve being transferred to a site in the locality, provided that this would not place you in any danger and that the travel to the appropriate site is reasonable and suitable accommodation is provided. 

You are responsible for any damage or loss you cause, whether directly or through neglect, to your accommodation and materials provided for your use throughout your placement.

You must be culturally sensitive and respect local culture appropriately at all times. You must behave and dress appropriately and in accordance with locally accepted behaviour and custom during your placement. Visits of an intimate nature are not permitted while you are staying with the host family / organization due to cultural sensitivity. (See FAQ web page for more detail).


We believe that all statements made in our website are factual and correct. It is however, published with Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). 

Every reasonable effort will be made to describe the placement and to provide the amenities and activities detailed in the itinerary. However, we cannot be held responsible for any change to the itinerary that becomes necessary due to operational reasons during the placement, nor can we accept liability for events beyond our reasonable control. 

We undertake to advise you of any material changes to your itinerary made known to us prior to your departure. You are advised to make reasonable efforts to obtain all relevant information you need from Manisha UK. 

Further Information

Further information on many of the above topics is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Sample Itinerary pages of the Manisha UK web site www.manisha-uk.org. 

Changes to Terms & Conditions 

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. We will inform all applicants that are in the process of assessment, approval or on placement of any material changes via email as soon as practicably possible after the change.