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2009-09 ~ Will's Story

By day, Will Thomas runs an education training company based in Malvern, Worcestershire. By night and in his holidays he is heavily involved with a small, but significant charity which changes the lives of young people and their communities in remote parts of Nepal.
Will is a trustee of Manisha UK and a member of the board of the Steve Sinnott Foundation, which is partnering Manisha UK on Project Palpa.


In this first article, Will outlines the lead up to, and experience of, his visit to Nepal in October 2009, to support the charity and teach English in remote hill schools. His fascinating experiences track the pre-trip nerves and the highs and lows of the trip itself, as well as the lessons learned, for himself and for our Western lifestyle.

Follow this link to Will's first article


In this second article, about the trip, I explore what we learned from living with Nepalese families, what we learned about the nature of happiness and materialism, and then in the third article I'll report on our first amazing experiences teaching in a Nepalese school and why primary education is at the heart of global repair.

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In this third article as we move from the choking pollution of Kathmandu, into the breath-taking scenery of rural West Nepal, the extraordinary kindness and generosity of The Nepali people comes into focus. The richness of cultural traditions and the awe of age-old and complex Newari rituals, delights us all. The true meaning of friendship and community emerges amidst a sudden and tragic death in our host’s family. All of which brings home the fragility of life in a region, where health care and infrastructure are woefully inadequate.

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