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2010-09 ~ Terri & Tony's Story

Namaste (The God in me sees the God in you) 

Planning a trip to Kathmandu 

Land of Everest and wonderful people too 

Noise pollution and breath taking views 

Buddha, Hindu, Christian and Jew 

Cosmopolitan City of temples and burial pyres 

Noisy traffic, spaghetti overhead wires 

Scary drive to a village way up in the clouds 

A touch of heaven amongst people so proud 

The singing of angels in the guise of children 

Eager to greet enthusiastic pilgrims 

Tika is placed on our foreheads to welcome 

Speeches are made and gifts are given 

Villagers dance in honour and praise 

Of the English people with funds to raise 

We notice their joy as they take it in turn 

We realise even then we have so much to learn. 

A beautiful culture all pulling together 

Even though it was monsoon weather 

Their faces, the clothes, and their great disposition 

Did not account for their poor conditions 

The dancing and dancing way into the night 

Reflected faces showing genuine delight 

Happiness encountered outweighed lack of money 

Lava and hornets we ate, not the honey 

We slept in a room with no windows, just clouds 

And a spider we named Henry with markings so proud 

Pig, goat and chickens added to the family 

Mixing into the wonderful harmony 

Survival it seems is the aim of the game 

But not at all costs…all treated the same. 

Children craving to learn in a broken down school 

All listening and learning which gives them their tools 

To look after their own in the village so fine 

Where elders drink Roxy, their local wine. 

The children are charming manners we could adopt 

Something in the West some children have dropped 

We realise why we are here in this place 

With villagers showing incredible grace 

They take us in as if one of their own 

And they remind me that I am not alone. 

I reluctantly leave people we hold so dear 

With a feeling I've found a new career 

Then off to Tansen to meet a new family 

Who take us in and are so homely 

Treated like a daughter and sister and friend 

Hoping this time too would never end 

Meeting children in schools in need of support 

And knowing that our time was incredibly short 

More dancing and eating way into the night 

Loving and laughing and feeling so …’right’ 

Breath taking views and teaching some more 

Really understanding just what it’s all for 

Can’t wait to return to this land of peace 

Where volunteer support needs to increase 

Smiling, friendly and charming, can hardly describe 

People so diverse and ‘special’ to which we subscribe 

Majestic, Amazing I could go on and on 

It all amounts to one amazing song 

Of life and of hope and of caring and giving 

Helping others to create a living. 

An adventure, hard work, and learning from others 

Realisation that we truly are all sisters and brothers.