Establishing Sustainable Schools in Poor Rural Communities of Nepal

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Manisha UK is a UK based, not-for-profit charity, run entirely by volunteers. It was formally established as a charity in England and Wales in 2010 following several years of support to a Nepalese charity.

Initially, we supported 3 schools, 15 teachers and 190 pupils. Today we are able to directly support 10 schools, 122 teachers and almost 2000 pupils in the Palpa and Gorkha districts of Nepal:

  • All supported schools are twinned with UK schools for ongoing educational and cultural exchange.
  • Annual 6-month teacher training programmes, in partnership with NQTs from Worcester University.
  • Building and facilities improvement projects, in partnership with the Steve Sinnott Foundation and the Ashworth Charitable Trust.
  • Our healthcare volunteers promote care of the sick child in the schools and their communities.
  • All supported schools are provided with first aid kitssecondary schools are provided with sanitary towels, all of which are replenished on a regular basis.

Ensuring we support and encourage education for all in some of the poorest communities in Nepal is very important to Manisha UK. So, as well as being in poor rural communities, it is a condition of support that schools offer open access by being non-fee paying and also offer equal opportunities to boys and girls. There are many more schools that would like our support. In Palpa district alone we have identified 32 schools, totalling over 12,000 pupils, that meet our criteria for support. However, as a relatively small charity, we remain cautious in our take-on of new schools to maintain the quality of input and improvement we can achieve

With our Education programme well established, we looking for partners to help accelerate the delivery of our Healthcare and Sustainability objectives. If you can assist us in any way with these programmes, please get in touch via Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Manisha UK

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