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We support 8 schools,  100 teachers and over 1500 children in poor, rural communities of western Nepal:

Pupil at Pipal Danda School

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2022/23 Update

Sometimes we have to look back to 2010, when we founded Manisha UK, to understand the embedded improvements at some of our supported schools and communities. Back then, every school required our direct help to source, buy and maintain all aspects of school life, from buildings and meals to stationery and uniforms. 

Mahachaap, Okhuldunga and Ghorkha schools are great examples of the huge progress made since then.

Poverty in the local community appears to be diminishing and as part of our annual inspections, we identified only a few of its 250 pupils requiring uniform and stationery assistance this year.

We are immensely proud to have been involved in their journey to sustainable education for their community and wish them well for the future as we bring our support for their school to a close.

TeacherTraining: After a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we are happy to announce that on November 10th,  our Trustee, Barbara Bond, left for Nepal to continue our teacher training programme, majoring in Maths, but with much else planned. 

After the long trip and a couple of days in Kathmandu buying books, equipment and other vital supplies, she will head to Palpa District to meet up with our local schools coordinator, Saran, to begin her work.

Fund Raising: None of this work is possible without the funds we are able to raise. Thank you so much to all of our regular donors, to those who contribute to, and buy from, the dozens of car boot sales and the competitors in our annual Everest Challenge rowing, skiiing and biking event.

Project Focus 2023/24

At our 2023 AGM, the trustees agreed on an infrastructure focus on clean water and sanitation. 

The provision of clean drinking water and modern toilets with hand washing facilities is our current top priority as these rural communities are served by the most basic sand-filtered surface-water supplies. The water is stored in large community tanks, which warm in the sun, providing a perfect environment for water-borne infections to multiply. Outdated toilets with inadequate hand-washing facilities compound the issue.

Adding a modern filtration system to the drinking water supply and providing improved toilet and hand-washing facilities will have a direct impact on the health, attendance and educational attainment of all pupils at our supported schools.

Much more to follow on this project as priorities, capabilities and funding are nailed down. So, watch this space!

Delivering Major Projects:

2021/22 - LRC Handover

2019/20 - Toilet Facilities

2018/19 - Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

2017/18 - Libraries for all

2015/17 - Earthquake Recovery

2010/15 - Adequate schools for basic education

Tansen Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

New Boys' Toilet Block - Bhalebas School

Earthquake Hit Schools Rebuilt

Rebuilt Pipal Danda School

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