Manisha UK - Supporting Schools In Nepal Since 2010

Educating Children ~ Empowering Communities

We support 10 schools, 120 teachers and 2000 children in poor, rural communities of western Nepal:

  • We fund and project manage school building and facilities improvement projects.

  • We deliver teacher training programmes .

  • We twin the schools with UK schools for ongoing educational and cultural exchange.

  • We assist with basic healthcare at all schools:

    • Provide first aid kits to all schools and sanitary towels to secondary schools,

    • Provide basic healthcare assessments on pupils,

    • Provide assistance if parents can't afford or access essential treatment.

Pupil at Pipal Danda School

Open access through non fee-paying and equal opportunities

Supporting and encouraging education for all

  • Supporting and encouraging education for all in poor, rural communities in Nepal is vital to Manisha UK.

  • As well as having to be situated in poor rural communities, it is a condition of support that schools offer open access by being non-fee paying, and also offer equal opportunities to boys and girls.

  • With our Infrastructure and Education programmes well established, we are looking for volunteers and partners to help accelerate the delivery of our Healthcare and Sustainability objectives.

  • If you can assist us in any way with these programmes, please get in touch via the Contact Us button below.

  • The simplest way to help is to make a donation via the Donate Now button below.

Delivering Major Projects:

2010/15 - Adequate schools for basic education

    • Our early years achievements were mainly improving the basic infrastructure of our supported schools. this meant ensuring a safe environment with basic toilets, hand washing facilities and running water.

    • Working with the Steve Sinnott Foundation, we also delivered the complete rebuild of the 8-classroom Pipal Danda school, which also had provision for up to 6 community shops to help fund the school sustainably.

2015/17 - Earthquake Recovery

    • In March 2015, earthquakes devastated our schools. Of the 10 we support, 5 were destroyed, 4 damaged and 1 (Pipal Danda) was unscathed, having been rebuilt to be earthquake proof.

    • Huge fundraising efforts by Manisha UK supporters and our subsequent rebuild projects saw all schools back functional by early 2017.

2017/18 - Libraries for all

    • Few schools had libraries and even fewer had age or subject appropriate books in the Nepali language. Children were not encouraged to loan the books and take them home to practice reading.

    • Working with Australian charity, Room to Read, we established well-stocked, working libraries at each school.

    • The libraries were stocked with Nepali language, age appropriate books. In several schools, the pupils, rather than the staff, were trained how to classify books and how to run the loan process.

2018/19 - Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

    • With the financial support of the Steve Sinnott Foundation, we built, equipped and staffed the Tansen Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

    • The LRC provides a permanent home for our teacher training programme, our IT training programme and a community literacy facility.

Rebuilt Pipal Danda School

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Tansen Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Typical female toilet stall, urinal and hand wash basin

2020/21 - Covid-19 Recovery Appeal

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on schools in Nepal, closed since March 2020 and unlikely to reopen until well into 2021. Current planning is for Manisha UK to ensure upgraded toilet, handwashing and sanitising facilities exist at all schools.

The schools identified as being most in need are:

        • Toilets requiring action first:

          • Anghakola – refurbishment of current student and staff toilets

          • Devwani – new toilet block, the current building is structurally okay but overused and very dirty

          • Okhaldunga – water tank for cleaning and flushing

        • Toilets requiring action in the future

          • Bhalebas – new block, as current overused

          • Jheksang – new septi