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Pupil at Pipal Danda School

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Delivering Successful Projects

Our recipe for success in delivering our major projects on time and within budget has been to maintain a tight control on costs by direct payment of suppliers, avoiding cash payments and engendering community engagement through the mobilisation of local labour in the construction work.  Where possible, costs have been shared with local government organisations, which also helps ensure our hard-earned funds are spent on schools with a long term future.

Our First Major Project - Pipaldanda School

Project Focus 2023/24

At our 2023 AGM, the trustees agreed on an infrastructure focus on clean water and sanitation. 

The provision of clean drinking water and modern toilets with hand washing facilities is our current top priority as these rural communities are served by the most basic sand-filtered surface-water supplies. The water is stored in large community tanks, which warm in the sun, providing a perfect environment for water-borne infections to multiply. Outdated toilets with inadequate hand-washing facilities compound the issue.

Adding a modern filtration system to the drinking water supply and providing improved toilet and hand-washing facilities will have a direct impact on the health, attendance and educational attainment of all pupils at our supported schools.

Much more to follow on this project as priorities, capabilities and funding are nailed down. So, watch this space!