Everest Challenge 2021

Since 2015, the Everest Challenge has raised over £18,000, initially towards rebuilding 5 schools following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. In 2016 & 2017 we used funds raised to repair less badly hit schools and to install well-stocked libraries at all 10 supported schools. In 2018 we raised funds towards establishing a Learning Resource Centre in Tansen, to enable us to deliver teacher training, IT training and children's and adult libraries, under a single roof. In 2019 we raised funds to rebuild toilet facilities at one of our supported schools. In 2020, although Coronavirus in the UK and Nepal severely curtailed our activities, we completed to new toilet facilities at two of our supported schools.

The Everest Challenge is a simple concept: Mount Everest is 8,848 metres high and the challenge is to row that distance, individually or as a team, on a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine. For Everest Challenge 2021 and in addition to our usual indoor rowing event, we have extended the challenge to our friends in the X-Training community by including a team version (Scramble) of the Crossfire XT course, which includes the 8848m row as the first station of a 10 station course.

For all events, entry is by donation, minimum suggested donation per event is shown below.

2021 Results

Everest Challenge 2021 Results - Results.pdf
Scramble Result.pdf
Scramble Splits.pdf

Live Rowing Arrangements (8,848m)

The Live Rowing event will be held alongside the Crossfire XT Scramble on Saturday, November 13th, at Crawford Memorial Hall, Salford Road, Bidford-on-Avon, B50 4EZ.

. You can enter the rowing individually or as part of a Pairs, Fours or Eights team. Teams may be single or mixed gender.

  • Entry, which includes complementary bottle of water, tea/coffee and cake, is £15 per person, a small booking fee applies .

  • Teams, which can be same or mixed gender, complete the 8,848m between them, sharing the distance roughly equally.

  • Result will be gathered from your machine's monitor by a race marshal.

  • Teams may utilise assistants to help fix/release rowing machine foot-straps.

  • Certificates will be emailed to all participants, with special acknowledgement on the day, for the winners of each age, weight and gender category.

Virtual Rowing Arrangements (8,848m)

If you can't make the live event, but still would like to support the cause, you can enter the Virtual Event and complete your row at any time prior to Saturday, November 13th.

  • Entry is £10 per person, a small booking fee applies.

  • Other details as above except please email a photo of your machine's monitor to confirm your result.

Crossfire XT Scramble Arrangements

As it's new, here's a detailed introduction to this event. It may look hard at first sight, but remember, each athlete completes one third of the course:

The Crossfire XT Scramble will be held alongside the Live Rowing event on Saturday, November 13th, at Crawford Memorial Hall, Salford Road, Bidford-on-Avon, B50 4EZ.

  • Entry, which includes an Everest Crossfire T-Shirt or Vest, complementary bottle of water, tea/coffee and cake, is £20 per person, a small booking fee applies.

Team selection:

  • Entry is by individual at the time of sign up, sign-up closes on October 16th.

  • To avoid hold ups on the course, which will be shared by up to 5 teams at any time, we need to achieve some degree of balance across the teams.

  • So, after close of sign-up, mixed gender teams of 3 athletes will be selected randomly and with a balance of Advanced, Intermediate & Novice athletes per team.

  • In this way, athletes have several weeks for general training and then 4 weeks of targeted training once teams are selected and sections assigned within teams.

Course (weights are female/male):

  • Concept 2 Row 8,848m (shared by all 3 competitors)

  • Section 1 (Competitor 1)

    • Bench - 100 @ 15/25kg

    • Step Up - 100 @ 15/30kg

    • Squat & Row - 100 @ 8/16kg

  • Section 2 (Competitor 2)

    • Sit Up - 100 (50 classic & 50 Fit League any order)

    • Bench Jump - 100 each side 4 risers high

    • Seated Shoulder Press - 100 @ 10/17.5kg

  • Section 3 (Competitor 3)

    • Air bike - 50 calories

    • Run - 50 x 10m

    • Bench - 100 @ 15/25kg


  • Each team must decide rowing tactics, who is assigned to each section and who is responsible for counting, timing and tagging in on each station.

  • Station 1, the 8,848m row, to be completed by the whole team, sharing the distance roughly equally and in any way the team decides. Team members can assist with foot strap adjustment and the drag factor can be be adjusted to suit each team member.

  • Stations 2 to 10 of the course are split into 3 sections, teams will decide which athlete completes which section.

  • After Station 10 press complete and Save. Then, as a team, jog to the finishing desk to lodge your penalty points.

  • Section 1 can begin as soon as the Concept 2 machine shows the row is complete and the assigned athlete and counter are in place.

  • If, on the day, any team is reduced to 2 athletes, they can opt to still take part by sharing the rowing and the 3 sections between them. Unlimited tag-in/out allowed.

  • Each team needs a fully charged smartphone with the XT app on it for timing purposes. Download the XT app by tapping here.

  • XT App instruction will be given on the day, please make sure the nominated phone is fully charged and has the XT App loaded before you arrive.

  • Teams will self-time via the XT App, which will gather the start time and the completion times of all 10 stations.

  • Target time for course completion is 60 minutes.

  • Awards for Best Overall time, Best Section times and Best Rowing time.

Station Rules:

All Stations

  • Athlete: Rest anytime you want, put kit down anywhere. Please do rest! Break down the rep range accordingly, have a plan. Tag-out if you can’t complete and if your team hasn’t used its 2 tag-outs already.

  • Counter: count reps out loud, judges and no-rep team mate if appropriate.

  • Timer: Press Complete on the XT App when the athlete leaves the station having completed the reps.

  • Tagging: If the assigned athlete cannot complete a station they may "tag out" and a team member must "tag in" to complete the station. Each team is allowed 2 tags throughout the course and a 3 second time penalty per rep applies. The person tagging in must use the same weight as the person who tagged out. Total penalty reps must be declared to the course marshal at course completion.

  • Section Changes: Handover between sections is by way of the assigned athletes touching hands at the mid-point between the sections.


  • Set machine to row a single distance of 8848 metres and share the distance roughly equally between the team.

  • Team mates may assist with feet straps

  • The drag factor may be adjusted to suit athlete.

Bench Press

  • Select your bar, self-support, lie back and bench press away. Bar touches chest before arms fully lock out, is one rep. 100 reps total. Self spot, no team support for bar.

Step Up

  • Collect weights, step onto surface, whole heel of leading foot must be on the surface, stand up tall, step off is one rep. 100 reps total. Step is 14 inches high.

  • Counter will count full reps when you have returned to the starting position.

KB Squat & Row

  • Kettlebell must touch floor at bottom of rep and handle must touch chin, with elbows high at the top of rep. Athlete can adopt the stiff leg, deadlift like action or squat action. Kettlebell must come down in line with feet not in front or behind. Up and down is one rep. 100 rep total.

  • The athlete can take a rest and may put the KB down, if required.

Sit Up Combo (50 Classic/50 Fit League)

  • Classic: Start with athlete lying down, knees flexed, head on mat, hands in contact with their head at all times. Toes under bar. Athlete will then sit up with hands touching their head, elbows to touch knees and on the way down they must open up their arms, with elbow touching the weight . Reps are counted every time the athlete touches knees, athletes must return to start position between reps.

  • Fit League: Start with athlete lying down, knees flexed, head on mat, arms extended behind head and hands touching the floor. Toes under bar. Athlete will then sit up with arms extended to touch their feet. Reps are counted every time the athlete touches their feet, athlete must return to start position between reps.

Bench Jump

  • Bench is 10 inches high. Place hands on bench, bunny hop over and back to start side, is one rep. 100 rep total. Step overs are allowed

Seated Shoulder Press

  • The bar starts below chin height, full extension overhead, arms lock out, return to below chin, is one rep. 100 reps total.

Air Bike

  • Make sure you know your seat height; you or other team member can ensure it’s set right beforehand. Use your arms and legs on air bike to get from zero to 50 calories.


  • Athlete must complete 50 reps of the 10m running lane, one foot must touch the floor beyond the line between the cones before turning.