Everest Challenge 2022

The Everest Challenge is a simple concept: Mount Everest is 8,848 metres high and the challenge is to complete that distance, individually or as a team, on a Concept 2 RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg (17,696m).

Since 2015, the Everest Challenge has raised over £18,000, initially towards rebuilding 5 schools following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. In 2016 & 2017 we used funds raised to repair less badly hit schools and to install well-stocked libraries at all 10 supported schools. In 2018 we raised funds towards establishing a Learning Resource Centre in Tansen, to enable us to deliver teacher training, IT training and children's and adult libraries, under a single roof. In 2019 we raised funds to rebuild toilet facilities at one of our supported schools. In 2020/21, although Coronavirus in the UK and Nepal severely curtailed our activities, we completed new toilet facilities at two of our supported schools.

For 2022, due to logistical issues, we've decided to hold the event virtually again, giving everyone a chance to get their results in at a time to suit themselves! All funds raised will be used directly in Nepal on various Teacher Training and School Improvement projects.

For all events, entry is by donation, minimum suggested donation per event is shown below.

2022 - Virtual Event Arrangements

You can enter the Virtual Event and complete your row/ski/bike at any time prior to Saturday, November 12th.

  • Entry is £10 per person, a small booking fee applies.

  • Distance to be completed, individually or as a team, is 8,848m for RowErg / SkiErg and 17,696m for BikeErg.

  • Teams can be same or mixed gender, complete the distance between them, sharing the distance roughly equally.

  • Please email a photo of your machine's monitor to hello@manisha-uk.org to confirm your result.

  • Teams may utilise assistants to help fix/release rowing machine foot-straps.

  • All events: Results will be posted below at the close of the competition.

  • Live events: Certificates will be emailed to all participants, with special acknowledgement on the day, for the winners of each age, weight and gender category.

2022 Results

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