Supporting Schools in Rural Communities of Nepal

Educating Children ~ Empowering Communities

Supporting Schools

We work with the Steve Sinnott Foundation to twin each school with a UK school.

As some of the Nepalese school names are quite similar, the naming convention we use is the Community Name unless there are multiple supported schools in a community, in which case we use School Name.

All of the children in the Manisha UK supported schools are lower caste and vulnerable, some are orphaned and/or have special needs. Families are usually subsistence farmers. Disabled and orphaned children are cared for by the local community, mainly by Mothers’ Groups.

In general, Nepali culture can be seen as male dominated; it is a condition of Manisha UK support that education is made available on a non-fee paying basis, to both girls and boys. Encouragingly, the gender split amongst students tends to be a 50/50 split of boys and girls.

Supported School Names (Twinned With)

Palpa District

  • Amrit - Shree Amrit Public Higher Secondary School (Kings Lynn Academy)

  • Dumre - Shree Jandeep Secondary School (Gretton Primary School)

  • Bhalebas - Shree Bhagawati Lower Secondary School (St Paul's Primary School )

  • Jheksang - Rakamadevi Lower Secondary School (Hayes Park Primary School)

  • Kalankee - Kalankee Primary School (Church Lench CE First School)

  • Mahachhap - Himalaya Primary School (Howard Junior School)

  • Okhaldunga - Gyanodaya Secondary School (West Derby Secondary School)

  • Pipal Danda - Shree Nava Durga Primary School (Whitehall Infants School)

  • Devwani - Devwani Sanskrit Pathe Sadharah Sec. School (Warkworth First School)

Gorkha District

  • Batase - Shree Bhagawati Himalaya Higher Sec. School (Guston Primary School)

Tansen Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

In 2019 we partnered with The Steve Sinnott Foundation to fund the capital expense of this project. Manisha UK will cover the running costs of the centre until it can be handed over as a going concern to the community.

In addition to our supported schools, the LRC will be available to local schools and individuals, to provide:

    • Year-round teacher training facilities

    • IT-training and arts and crafts classes for teachers, children and parents

    • Library facilities and school educational equipment loan facilities

Where Are Our Schools?

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