Jandeep (Bagainchabari)

School Profile

Educating Children ~ Empowering Communities

Shree Jandeep Secondary School

This school has 15 teachers - a mixture of government paid teachers and volunteers - volunteers get some payment from village committee and parents though this is non compulsory.

Class 1-4 are English medium - from 2015 class 5 will be also.

Excellent library (Room to read) - they have set reading levels for the books - not seen this in any other school.Can take books out for one week and they tell me this is very well used.

Good play area within school

Village committee are v. helpful and there is an active mothers' group

No school meals at present

Boys and girls sharing toilet block at present as one damaged

No issues re. electricity and water.

3 classrooms in particular are in poor condition with bad cracks around roof supports. Plastering and painting needed in nearly all others. There is an issue with security in the classrooms - display materials have been torn down in the past. This school has been very willing to take on advice and the year 1 classroom which does have a secure door is very good display wise. This would be a really good project for a potential twinned school to get behind as I think they would put up more display if they felt it was safe.

This school has been really good at listening to advice and the teachers who attended teacher training have always made a real effort and have been very enthusiastic and interested in participating.

Objectives of the school

To provide education to the families of poor children in Dumre

To physically improve the school and its resources

Community Background

  • Community help – 3 volunteer teachers funded through community donations

  • Mothers group of 20+ mothers

  • School Development Committee

Support For This School

  • Teacher training

  • Teaching resources provided

  • Agreement reached to provide approximately 70% of funding needed to build 4 new classrooms, replacing those damaged in the 2015 earthquake

Schools Twinned With This School

  • Gretton Primary School

Contact Details

Principal: Ramesh Prasad Gilismere

Village: Bagainchabari

VDC: Masyam-7

District: Palpa

Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: 9747001489 & 986704799

Web Site: Not available

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 7

  • Women: 8

  • Total: 15

Pupil Profile

  • Boys: 150

  • Girls: 152

  • Total: 302

  • Nursery : 10

  • Kindergarten: 11

  • Year 1: 18

  • Year 2: 16

  • Year 3: 16

  • Year 4: 20

  • Year 5: 34

  • Year 6: 30

  • Year 7: 35

  • Year 8: 34

  • Year 9: 40

  • Year 10: 38

  • Year 11:

  • Year 12: