Kalankee (Kolkal)

School Profile

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Kalankee Primary School

Kalankee Primary School became Manisha UK's tenth twin school in 2015. Although we had no plans to twin more schools at that time, the staff at Kalankee showed such dedication in attending our teacher training events that we decided to help them. Since then, they have have shown the same dedication and the staff are pro-active in trying new teaching methods, using resources we provide, and even creating their own. The school has four classes, from Nursery to Class 3. The children love to play outside and will enthusiastically join in any game. The level of English is exceptionally high for such young children.

Community Background

  • The village of Kolkal is very poor, with a high proportion of Dalit people living in the village. Many of the villagers work as farm labourers for low daily wages. Sadly, two ladies from the village lost their lives while working on road reconstruction during the second earthquake of 2015.

Manisha UK Support For This School

  • Whiteboards were provided in 2015.

  • Carpets and furniture delivered in 2016.

Schools Twinned With This School

  • Church Lench CofE First School.

Contact Details

Principal: Laxman Ghimire

Village: Kolkal

VDC: Madanpokhara

District: Palpa

Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available

Web Site: Not available

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 1

  • Women: 3

  • Total: 4

Pupil Profile

  • Boys: 18

  • Girls: 10

  • Total: 28

  • Pre-school: 13

  • Year 1: 4

  • Year 2: 9

  • Year 3: 2