Rakama Devi (Khokhla)

School Profile

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Rakama Devi Lower Secondary School

The school is situated in Pipaldanda Village Development Committee, Ward number 5 Lunkare in Palpa District, Nepal.

Mr Krishna Prasad Bashyal, a famous social worker at that time, worked in the village RSDC as a social motivator and other agressive villagers in 2046 B.S. established this school. It is registered as a community school in 2047 B.S. and the Nepal government registered it as a public school in 2050 B.S.

Pipaldanda, 5 Lunkare community is the direct beneficiary of this school.

The school runs classes Nursery up to 8.

Objectives Of The School

The school motto is: To educate remote people up to lower secondary level without their investment.

Investment objectives: To upgrade the school to provide secondary education. This means rebuilding the two oldest classrooms and adding two more. Kitchen/canteen facilities are also needed.

Community Background

  • The community is entirely subsistence agriculture based, they eat what they grow and they grow what they eat.

  • The school benefits from being co-located with the Pipaldanda Village Development Committee building, a post office, a medical centre with practice nurse and a community tea shop.

  • The school is far from other communities and a secondary school. This means that there is a large drop out of children from education after they leave this school as the nearest secondary school is over two hours walk away.

  • The school would like to expand to include secondary years

  • The main village is an hour's walk uphill from the school, most children walk this every day.

Support For This School

  • Minor improvements

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Contact Details

Principal: Mr D Bashyal

Village: Khokhla

VDC: Pipaldanda-5

District: Palpa

Country: Nepal

E-mail: Not available

Telephone: Not available

Web Site: Not available

Teacher Profile

  • Men: 5

  • Women: 5

  • Total: 10

Pupil Profile

  • Boys: 76

  • Girls: 81

  • Total: 157

  • Pre-school: 10

  • Year 1: 12

  • Year 2: 12

  • Year 3: 17

  • Year 4: 16

  • Year 5: 22

  • Year 6: 24

  • Year 7: 23

  • Year 8: 21

  • Year 9: -

  • Year 10: -

  • Year 11: -

  • Year 12: -